Global Command Center Operator

Job Description



You’ve got the right skills. What you need is the right opportunity to unleash your potential. We agree, and we’re hiring!

Every day is different at GardaWorld with diverse work assignments and flexible schedules. We are leaders in Professional training programs that cover every aspect of delivering world class security services. And every industry counts on us because we’re the very best at what we do. Perhaps you are, too.

In our complex world today, GardaWorld stands out as the largest privately owned security services company in the world. We’re experts at protecting people and assets. We’re also growing everywhere and expanding in multiple locations. If you’re a sharp, talented, self-confident individual who excels in customer service, you can build a future here. We give you all the tools you need to expand your skills and grow your career with exceptional opportunities for advancement. You can stand out – and thrive – here, too, as a Global Command Center Operator.

At GardaWorld, we know your compensation is important so we provide competitive hourly starting rates for every market we’re in. We're growing our team here in Lisle, IL:

Compensation: $20.50 / Hour
Shift: Wednesday - Friday 11pm - 7am, and Saturday - Sunday 7pm - 7am, (Full Time, 40 Hours)


· Ability to multi-task.
· Professional, friendly, and positive communication style.
· Comfortable in a high-tech work environment; the ideal candidate can keep pace with an environment where there's constant learning of new mechanisms, applications, and tools.
· Ability to adapt to a dynamic environment and working under pressure.
· Ability to assess and evaluate situations effectively.
· Aptitude for clear and effective written/verbal directions and clarifying information under time-sensitive conditions.
· Ability to establish priorities, multi-task, work independently, and complete objectives in a fast-paced and demanding work environment.
· Working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.

Preferred Qualifications

· Bachelor’s Degree
· Bilingual (English/Spanish).
· Previous experience working in a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC).
· Broad geopolitical awareness, knowledge of global events, and cultural sensitivity.
· Familiarity with news reporting sources, social media channels, as well as other channels for real-time monitoring of current events.

Responsibilities & Expectations
  • Coordinate and assist with the direction and dispatching of an assigned team of security personnel to carry out the daily protective operations of the department.
  • Act on all customer service related calls and either resolve them personally or refer issues to the appropriate individuals.
  • Manage information flow to and from incident sites, off site responders, vendors, and other response personnel.
  • Monitor all security, communications, and fire/life safety systems.
  • Systemically monitor and communicate potential and known threats that may impact client's coworkers and operations across the globe.
  • Maintain effective communication among all levels of the organization during a crisis event.
  • Serve as the liaison between all departments and the Security Department.
  • Be directly responsible for the accurate documentation of events occurring on, or near, the client's facilities. (accomplished via shift reports, pass-downs logs, incident reports, incident reports logs, or other established methods)
  • Proactively monitor all surveillance cameras, and CCTV remote viewer programs. Monitors and responds to all security/life safety system alarms.
  • Respond to events and situations received over regular and/or emergency phones/intercoms.
  • Speak clearly, give direction, and provide guidance to employees and security staff during emergencies.